Sydney Olympic Park 2 - Site License 
            NSW Open & AWD Champs - 30/03/2012 to 1/04/2012            
              and Australian Combined Event Championships              
                  Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre                  
Event 126  Men Discus Throw Open
State Record: S 65.06m  3/01/1979   Wayne Martin, DUD                  
Title Holder:   51.82m  2011        Liam Speers, MHA                   
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Loveridge, Shane          22 Illawong & D            53.66m        
      49.49m  FOUL  51.28m  48.95m  52.54m  53.66m                     
  2 Fitzgerald, Ben           17 Maquarie Hunter         47.73m        
      45.30m  45.70m  47.73m  44.72m  46.57m  45.36m                   
  3 Cranney, Benjamin         25 Sydney Unive            44.01m        
      42.97m  43.40m  44.01m  43.84m  38.99m  FOUL                     
  4 Gyngell, Stuart           49 Athletics Wo            42.35m        
      40.07m  42.35m  40.43m  FOUL  41.61m  40.92m                     
  5 Harris, Matthew           23 Maitland Sen            41.06m        
      FOUL  37.27m  35.33m  33.46m  38.15m  41.06m                     
  6 Giltrap, Andrew           21 Sydney Unive            40.22m        
      FOUL  40.22m  39.95m  FOUL  39.32m  33.03m                       
  7 Muscat, Jamie             36 Illawong & D            39.67m        
      38.01m  37.94m  36.36m  39.67m  FOUL  FOUL                       
  8 Waller, David             18 Forster Athl            36.10m        
      33.48m  34.62m  32.75m  33.83m  36.10m  35.75m                   
  9 Atkinson-Howatt, Andrew   55 Ryde Athleti            30.07m        
      25.21m  30.07m  FOUL                                             
 10 Reed, Peter               53 Athletics Wo            30.06m        
      FOUL  30.06m  27.73m                                             
 11 Carey, James              20 Maitland Sen            24.99m        
      22.04m  24.99m  23.57m                                           
 12 Jones, Warren             32 U.T.S. North            24.88m        
      24.52m  FOUL  24.88m