Sydney Olympic Park 2 - Site License 
            NSW Open & AWD Champs - 1/03/2013 to 3/03/2013             
                  Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre                  
Event 75  Men Discus Throw Open
State Record: S 65.06m  3/01/1979   Wayne Martin, DUD                  
Title Holder:   53.66m  2012        Shane Loveridge, ILL               
                64.50m  OLYA                                           
                62.50m  OLYB                                           
    Name               Age Team                    Finals        Points
  1 Loveridge, Shane    23 Illawong and            52.65m              
      50.80m  51.03m  52.65m  49.07m  51.28m  FOUL                     
  2 Speers, Liam        21 Macquarie Hu            52.47m              
      50.79m  45.79m  51.93m  50.74m  FOUL  52.47m                     
  3 Fitzgerald, Benjam  18 Hunter Track            47.33m              
      45.98m  FOUL  47.33m  46.62m  44.75m  47.09m                     
  4 Giltrap, Andrew     22 Sydney Unive            41.62m              
      39.65m  38.05m  38.31m  41.25m  FOUL  41.62m                     
  5 Muscat, Jamie       37 Illawong and            39.29m              
      37.15m  39.21m  39.29m  37.91m  38.18m  38.21m                   
  6 Harris, Matthew     24 Maitland Sen            38.92m              
      35.47m  FOUL  37.75m  38.92m  FOUL  38.60m                       
  7 Mountfort, Matthew  20 Sydney Unive            35.63m              
      33.42m  34.91m  34.63m  33.80m  33.61m  35.63m                   
  8 Jones, Warren       33 U.T.S. North            28.48m              
      26.40m  FOUL  28.48m  28.08m  28.08m  FOUL                       
  9 Carey, James        21 Maitland Sen            22.39m              
      FOUL  FOUL  22.39m