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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
UniSport Nationals Athletics - 21/04/2021 to 24/04/2021 Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre Event 28 Men Long Jump Open ============================================================================ Record: R 7.73m 1971 Grahame Taylor, UQ Name Year Team Finals Wind Points ============================================================================ Finals 1 Van Gelder, Nicholas Invitational X6.92m 0.3 6.89m(NWI) 6.50m(0.8) 6.70m(-0.1) 6.77m(0.7) 6.92m(0.3) FOUL(-0.1) 2 Byrne, Evan The Universi 6.42m NWI 9 6.29m(-0.5) 6.29m(1.8) 6.29m(1.0) 6.42m(NWI) FOUL 6.01m(-0.3) 3 Jones, Ryan Western Sydn 6.34m NWI 7 6.01m(1.4) 6.13m(0.4) 6.17m(0.2) 6.25m(0.7) 6.34m(NWI) 6.20m(-1.0) 4 Riley, Zeke Southern Cro 6.33m -0.2 6 6.33m(-0.2) 5.89m(1.2) 5.95m(+0.0) 6.01m(1.4) 6.07m(0.2) 5.79m(0.8) 5 Coppolelli, Joshua University o 6.23m 0.8 5 6.03m(1.0) 5.90m(0.8) 6.23m(0.8) 5.94m(0.4) FOUL(0.5) 6.09m(-0.9) 6 Lutui, Sami Australian C 6.12m -0.2 4 6.05m(2.4) 2.59m(-0.1) 6.05m(1.0) 5.77m(+0.0) 4.91m(0.7) 6.12m(-0.2) 7 Murphy, Connor The Universi 5.12m NWI 3 5.12m(NWI) -- Perry, Maximilian University o DNS NWI -- Paynter, Christian Rmit University DNS NWI -- McNamara, Justin Unsw Sydney DNS NWI -- Murphy, Finn University o DNS NWI -- Vincent, Triston Queensland U DNS NWI