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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
Bankstown Invitational - 27-Mar-21 The Crest Athletics Track Event 22 Women Javelin Throw Open ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Bowrey, Amie 20 Cherrybrook 40.09m 600g 39.46m 39.02m 34.09m 37.68m 39.51m 40.09m 2 Gibson, Brianna 22 Sydney University 39.36m 600g 39.36m 34.90m 38.86m 38.29m 33.77m 36.69m 3 Davis, Chloe 21 U.T.S. North 36.11m 600g 36.11m 31.47m 34.60m 34.04m 4 Allport, Lilly 14 Glenbrook Li 35.49m 500g 35.07m 35.49m 32.02m 34.91m 33.72m 34.50m 5 Mcnair, Brittany 21 Bankstown Sp 34.94m 600g 34.84m 34.94m 33.48m 33.78m 34.88m 33.88m 6 Patriarca, Cora 31 U.T.S. North 34.16m 600g 34.16m 32.60m 32.13m 32.37m 31.71m 29.75m 7 Shine, Kiara 17 Balmain Athl 32.79m 500g 32.79m 31.86m 31.75m 30.98m FOUL 32.70m