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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
Bankstown Invitational - 27-Mar-21 The Crest Athletics Track Event 19 Women Triple Jump Invitational ============================================================================ Name Age Team Finals Wind Points ============================================================================ Finals 1 McGill, Charlotte 19 Sydney University 12.69m 0.5 12.05m(+0.0) 12.60m(-0.2) FOUL(+0.0) 12.46m(+0.0) 12.69m(0.5) FOUL(+0.0) 2 Guy, Erin 28 Trinity Athl 12.54m 0.7 FOUL(-1.1) 11.98m(0.1) FOUL(+0.0) 12.54m(0.7) 12.16m(-0.1) FOUL(0.5) 3 Parmegiani, Annabelle 24 U.T.S. North 12.29m 1.6 11.81m(-1.0) 11.80m(-1.1) 11.80m(0.9) 12.29m(1.6) FOUL(1.3) 4 Fountas, Jasmine 22 South Sydney 12.19m 1.4 FOUL(+0.0) 11.77m(+0.0) FOUL(0.5) 12.19m(1.4) 11.95m(+0.0) 12.14m(1.9) 5 York, Alexandra 18 Trinity Athl 12.06m 1.8 FOUL(-0.9) FOUL(+0.0) 11.91m(+0.0) FOUL(0.2) 11.76m(2.2) 12.06m(1.8) 6 Petersen, Alexandra 22 Trinity Athl 11.99m +0.0 11.78m(-1.2) 11.70m(+0.0) 11.81m(+0.0) 11.99m(+0.0) FOUL(0.8) 11.56m(1.4)