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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
Illawong Track Challenge - 20-Feb-21 The Ridge Athletics Track Event 2 Mixed Shot Put Division 2 ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Pappas, John M28 Illawong Rev 11.69m 11.69m FOUL 11.68m FOUL FOUL 10.67m 2 Tilt, Lily W17 Hills Distri 11.67m 11.01m 11.46m 11.52m 11.67m 11.57m 11.35m 3 Galvin, Tom M24 Sydney University 11.52m 11.52m FOUL FOUL 4 Pittman, Adam M16 Illawong Rev 11.44m 11.08m 11.38m 11.27m 11.02m 10.88m 11.44m 5 Johnston, Jessica W14 Ryde Athleti 11.35m 10.08m 10.08m 10.88m 11.18m 11.35m 10.99m 6 Pittman, Benjamin M15 Illawong Rev 11.01m 10.79m 10.50m 10.78m 10.39m 11.01m 10.96m 7 Franich, Jasmine W14 St. George D 10.96m 10.88m FOUL 10.32m 10.53m 10.83m 10.96m 8 Hall, Lucas M14 Mingara Athl 9.52m 6.74m 9.52m 8.29m 9.34m 8.93m 9.48m 9 Paki, Talahn W15 Hills Distri 9.04m FOUL 8.51m PASS PASS PASS 9.04m