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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
2022 NSW Junior Championships - 25/02/2022 to 27/02/2022 Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Event 207 Women Javelin Throw U20 ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Packer, Bianca 18 Asics Wests 42.91m 38.54m 42.91m 39.16m 36.03m 35.25m FOUL 2 Partridge, Erin 18 Cherrybrook 36.91m 35.08m 35.81m 36.91m 36.21m 35.31m 35.16m 3 Shine, Kiara 18 Sydney Unive 36.06m 34.66m 35.60m 35.18m 33.68m 31.68m 36.06m 4 Williams, Amber 18 Sydney Unive 34.24m 33.89m 33.67m 33.46m 30.61m 31.44m 34.24m 5 Tait, Hanna 19 Grafton Athl 33.37m 32.49m 29.95m 33.37m 29.39m 32.66m 26.62m 6 Hodson, Bronte 19 U.T.S. North 32.51m 30.03m 29.52m 30.02m 31.10m 30.38m 32.51m 7 Vanderburg, Ashleigh 18 Asics Wests 30.97m 30.25m 29.72m 30.97m 30.87m 29.42m 25.86m 8 Tilt, Lily 18 Hills Distri 29.59m 28.55m 29.27m 29.59m 29.59m 27.41m 26.30m