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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
2022 NSW Junior Championships - 25/02/2022 to 27/02/2022 Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Event 305 Women Discus Throw U14 ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Collins, Fiorella 13 U.T.S. North 36.03m 34.48m 33.03m 35.12m 36.03m 2 Ringbauer, Louise 13 Asics Wests 31.21m 31.21m 26.30m FOUL 26.65m 3 Murray, Kiana 13 Temora Athle 28.87m 28.87m 27.63m FOUL FOUL 4 Camilleri, Jemma 13 Asics Wests 28.72m 24.55m 28.26m 26.26m 28.72m 5 Lukunic, Amelia 13 Bankstown Sp 28.01m 24.12m 24.55m 23.24m 28.01m 6 Latanis, Sienna 13 St. George D 27.43m 26.33m FOUL 27.43m 26.45m 7 De Mel, Nehara 13 Cherrybrook 27.31m 21.30m 24.00m 24.89m 27.31m 8 Darek, Amelia 13 Westfields 24.52m 19.53m FOUL 24.52m 24.26m 9 Rajapaksha Mudiyanse, Ni 12 Cherrybrook 23.51m 22.40m 23.17m 23.51m 10 Wijeyesinghe, Indianna 13 Cherrybrook 20.17m 18.39m FOUL 20.17m