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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
2022 NSW Junior Championships - 25/02/2022 to 27/02/2022 Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Event 300 Men Discus Throw U14 ======================================================================= Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Cashion, Thomas 13 Macquarie Hu 31.21m 31.21m FOUL FOUL FOUL 2 Price, Samuel 13 Cherrybrook 29.59m FOUL 29.59m 23.64m FOUL 3 Aualiitia, Kalisi 12 Sutherland D 29.04m 29.04m FOUL FOUL FOUL 4 Costa, Joshua 13 Illawong Rev 28.36m 27.46m 27.79m 27.76m 28.36m 5 Finekifolau, Filtomas 13 Bankstown Sp 27.23m FOUL 27.23m FOUL FOUL 6 Bronger, Zain 13 Bankstown Sp 26.45m 25.91m 26.45m 24.06m 26.32m 7 Dick, Hayden 13 Sutherland D 17.91m 17.05m 17.91m FOUL 17.39m 8 Billingsley, Blake 12 Cherrybrook 17.18m 15.09m 13.40m FOUL 17.18m -- Tuqiri, Jone 13 St. George D ND FOUL FOUL FOUL