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2022 NSW Masters Championships - 11-Mar-22 to 13-Mar-22 Sydney Olympic Park - Warm Up Track Event 297 Women Long Jump 60-64 ============================================================================ Name Age Team Finals Wind Points ============================================================================ Finals 1 Shaw, Christine 62 Athletics Wo 3.71m +0.0 3.28m(+0.0) 3.68m(+0.0) 3.47m(+0.0) 3.63m(+0.0) 3.71m(+0.0) 3.68m(+0.0) 2 Truashiem, Maria 61 Illawong Rev 2.77m +0.0 2.63m(+0.0) 2.57m(+0.0) 2.59m(+0.0) 2.77m(+0.0) 2.60m(+0.0) 2.63m(+0.0)