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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
NSW Open, U23 & Para Championships - 18/02/2022 to 20/02/2022 Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Event 53 Women Shot Put Open ======================================================================= State Record: S 17.05m 2/03/2014 Dani Samuels, WES Title Holder: 13.97m 6/03/2021 Alysha Burnett, Cherrybrook Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Shokry, Sally 20 Sutherland D 13.86m 13.15m 13.75m 12.77m 13.64m 13.80m 13.86m 2 Burnett, Alysha 25 Cherrybrook 13.60m 12.85m X 13.48m 13.60m 13.04m X 3 Pearson, Alysha 20 Sutherland D 13.15m 13.15m 12.60m 12.73m 13.05m 12.84m 13.15m 4 West, Tori 27 Mingara Athl 12.68m 12.25m 12.68m 12.25m 12.25m 12.64m 11.63m 5 Coulter, Kaitlyn 18 Bankstown Sp 12.40m 12.40m 11.74m 11.83m 12.14m X 12.02m 6 Wildraut, Sina 23 Camden Athle 12.39m X X 12.39m 11.70m 12.24m 12.18m 7 Polikowski, Emma 17 Sydney Pacif 12.18m 12.17m 11.89m X 12.02m 12.18m 11.65m 8 Uluiburotu, Ateca Grace 28 Illawong Rev 12.09m 11.56m 11.99m 12.09m 11.84m 9.62m X 9 Hewitt, Lilly 20 Kooringal -W 11.34m 11.34m 11.01m 10.92m 10 Coulter, Manaia 15 Bankstown Sp 10.67m 10.67m 9.68m 10.65m 11 Jarvis, Jaidah 18 Australian C 10.00m 9.43m 8.90m 10.00m 12 Bowrey, Amie 21 Mingara Athl 9.99m 9.87m 9.99m 8.74m 13 Capell Meizer, Emma 34 Illawong Rev 9.50m 9.10m 9.50m 8.94m 14 Breslin, Imogen 21 Mingara Athl 6.48m 6.41m 6.48m 5.78m