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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
NSW Open, U23 & Para Championships - 18/02/2022 to 20/02/2022 Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Event 83 Women Hammer Throw Open ======================================================================= State Record: S 71.12m 6/02/2003 Bronwyn Eagles, CBT Title Holder: 59.71m 7/03/2021 Alexandra Hulley, Sutherland D Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Hulley, Alexandra 25 Sutherland D 67.15m 65.99m 67.15m 66.96m 66.15m X 64.31m 2 Roberts, Lara 19 Queensland 55.23m 51.59m 55.23m 51.09m X X X 3 Palma, Odette 40 U.T.S. North 53.25m 50.30m 52.49m 48.07m 51.72m 53.25m X 4 Pearson, Alysha 20 Sutherland D 51.85m 51.83m 49.19m X 50.28m 51.85m 50.67m 5 Hardy, Renee 19 Sutherland D 48.55m X 47.02m 48.55m 46.48m X 46.77m 6 Goetz, Molly 17 Westfields 46.93m 44.55m 45.53m 46.93m X X 46.27m 7 Martin, Alannah 18 Sutherland D 44.80m 42.85m X 43.74m 44.80m 41.83m X 8 Shokry, Sally 20 Sutherland D 42.26m 41.71m 42.26m 42.22m 39.18m 40.23m 41.53m 9 Morgan, Amelia 17 Campbelltown 40.16m 38.98m 40.16m X 10 Shepperson, Caitlin 24 Sydney Unive 40.09m X 40.09m X 11 Moore, Rebecca 19 U.T.S. North 39.44m X 39.44m X 12 Mcinerney, Ashleigh 25 Temora Athle 38.02m 38.02m X X 13 Hewitt, Lilly 20 Kooringal -W 37.17m X 37.17m 35.60m 14 Cimino, Maria 51 U.T.S. North 36.60m X 20.13m 36.60m