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This meet is an AA  permit meet.  Click here for further information
NSW Open, U23 & Para Championships - 18/02/2022 to 20/02/2022 Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Event 51 Men Javelin Throw Open ======================================================================= State Record: S 85.75m 26/01/1998 Andrew Currey, IBS Title Holder: 76.46m 6/03/2021 Cameron McEntyre, Manly Warrin Name Age Team Finals Points ======================================================================= Finals 1 Mcentyre, Cameron 23 Sydney Pacif 79.42m 74.24m 75.48m 73.33m 79.42m X 71.29m 2 Ward, Saxon 27 Asics Wests 69.83m 63.18m 69.83m - - - 61.21m 3 Stein, Rhys 26 Asics Wests 65.45m 65.45m X X 62.64m - - 4 Bell, Jonathan 22 Sydney Pacif 62.08m 58.52m 59.37m X 62.08m 61.57m 60.78m 5 Simmons, Kane 20 Asics Wests 56.32m 54.08m X 53.87m X 49.22m 56.32m 6 Galvin, Tom 25 Sydney Unive 52.09m 45.17m 49.88m 49.74m 47.07m 50.93m 52.09m 7 Smith, Evan 19 Orange Runners Club 51.98m 49.16m X 51.98m 49.41m 47.66m 48.95m 8 Petzer, Johannes 45 Nsw Masters 49.03m 46.36m 49.03m 48.80m 46.31m 46.58m 46.48m 9 Lucas, Harrison 19 Sydney Pacif 47.99m 47.99m 45.24m 43.63m 10 Parsons, David 23 Adamstown Ne 45.30m 45.30m 44.71m 44.53m 11 Capararo, Samuel 18 Asics Wests 44.31m 44.31m 38.76m 38.85m 12 Saldana, Fernando 25 Asics Wests 35.74m 35.74m 33.11m X